Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ennillydd ar gyfer bl.5

Dyma cerdd enillydd i greu cerdd blwyddyn 5.

I think I saw a star last night,
Shooting past my window sill.
It was a shining light,
With a gleaming silver trail.
As I got a little closer,
The star had lost its light.
I hope that star will return again,
On a darker night.

Ydych chi'n adnabod y gerdd os ddim, dyma enw'r ennillydd .....



Tuesday, 10 February 2009

For Rosa- Rosa Parks

Remembered worldwide,
Only with a memory and no regrets,
Some say wrong, some says right
As for Rosa, handcuffs so tight,
Little did she know, she was making history?
Opened hearted, Rosa was, but it's still a mystery
Unknown is the word for Rosa's cause
If she hadn't moved victory would be at pause
Sounds like Negros now are free,
Earth is now at peace
More than ever before,
Count the years ago when Rosa was on the floor
Can you believe racism is no more?
All for one and one for all
Umbrellas will not hide our faces
Let bad things stop
Easily at no pain
You and her are the same
Pray to the lord that we'll always be friends
And that, wars will now end
Rosa was so right so
Kids will learn from the dear jailbird
She taught us a lot and we thank her.

How to write a poem.

5 tips about how to write a poem.Add Image

1. Never make up any lies in your poem, (if you're writing a written self-portrait).

2. Let it always come from the heart.

3. Have a look at my poems ! (I sound really big-headed)

4. The occasional rhyme (optional)

5. Ask your family and friends how could you improve your poem.


I will be holding a competition for my classmates, to write their own poem and my mother will decide on the winner. Therefore the winning poem will be shown on my blog (with their name not mine !)

Monday, 9 February 2009


By the way Dale, Lottery (who I've written about on the end, is the man in the picture!)


Now I'm older I don't know what to be,
Goth, emo, girly or me !
By me I mean nuts and crazy,
At least I've thought of the thing, not being lazy
My shoes are flat and my skirt is short,
I am being positive, I promise not to gloat !
The worst thing I could do is marry the lottery presenter, Dale !
And my mam would be devastated and send me to jail !

Reach (a short poem)

Reach, or maybe not.

Boys are like stars when you reach for one in the sky,
And if you can't seem to get hold of one,
That star wasn't the right star for you.

Notice:I think I'll write a poem about John Atanasoff !

I really do admire John Atanasoff if you have never heard of him, he was the man who invented the computer-COOL !